Original of Thai Massage

Ancient Massage, or Thai Massage as it is commonly called today, is one of the world’s oldest healing institutions. It began in India and found its roots in medicine as part of an ascetically based religious movement, a portion of which became know as Buddhism.

As Buddhism spread out from India, this healing medicine spread with it. Early in its history it found its way to Southeast Asia and eventually to Thailand. For centuries, Thai monks performed the art of massage as one element of Thai medicine. The Thai people saw illness as an imbalance between the Body, the Mind, and the Spirit and often would seek help at the local temple and the rest, as we say, is history....

Thai Massage Technique

Thai Massage is a technique used to give one a new life experience. It works on the so called “energy lines” that run throughout the human body. As opposed to traditional Chinese medicine, which uses acupuncture to manipulate the pressure points, Thai Massage stimulates these points with a healing touch. As a result, these points endure less stress, allowing one’s life energy to freely circulate throughout the body.

In addition to the life energy aspects, Thai Massage also works on the physical body. Joints are loosened and muscles are stretched from the feet to the head. This combination of energetic and physical aspects is unique to Thai Massage, and so are its effects!

Benefits of Thai Massage

“All what can be written or said is not to be believed but experienced.”

For those who have not yet experienced the benefits of Thai Massage, here is what you are missing….

  • Calmness and rest
- A refreshed spirit
- A general increase of energy
- An opening of the energy lines and blocked areas of the body
- Relief for pain and muscle/joint tension
- A stronger and rejuvenated body and mind
- Improved blood and lymph circulation
- An increase in flexibility
- A balanced nervous system
- Deep relaxation
  • Stimulation of internal organs


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